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MASSAGE AWAY.......backache,stress,muscle aches

neck/shoulder tension,sports injuries,.....

' Putting the body through physical extremes has a price to pay in terms of some tissue damage.Massage plays a key role in Sports preparation, recovery & injury prevention, as well as stretching & relaxing tired, overworked muscles'

Massage Away  

Offering both Swedish Massage and Sports & Remedial Therapies. Both are exceptional for each person and can enhance muscle conditioning and performance.......or simply allow some 'me' time to relax and unwind.

Swedish Massage A fantastic way of getting rid of aches and pains built up by the everyday stresses of life and tension in muscles which result.

A fairly gentle form of massage with many benefits including aiding sleep,helping with posture,relaxation and generally allowing us to feel better and,quite often....happier.

Sports & Remedial Massage Works deep into muscles to alleviate muscular or muscular/joint issues.Used either on its own or in combination with other techniques (eg ,Kinesio Taping below) to deeply stretch, mobilise and increase blood flow to a muscle or joint aiding repair and allowing more efficient function.

Massage,along with other treatments as well as given exercises can be the quickest and most effective method of treating Remedial & Sports Injuries and other debilitating problems such as prolonged Back Ache,Frozen Shoulder or Sciatica .

Examples of Kinesio Taping and Therapeutic Acupuncture

Certified Kinesio Taping and Therapeutic Acupuncture Practitioner

Member of Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation


'Yet again Charlotte has helped my back and shoulder pain which was intolerable from a Sports Injury. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Charlotte.In fact I do,to everyone!' - Mr S Landsburgh, Glasgow

'This massage is awesome,I have had a lot of massage on my back and shoulders in the past but I will come back time and again to Charlotte' -Mrs H, Newton Mearns

'I would highly recommend this Swedish Massage at an excellent price,sooo relaxing and soothing' - Mrs M, Clarkston,Glasgow

'I cannot stress enough how amazing Charlotte Muir is at Remedial Massage. Sorts my pain out every time!' Mrs A Hussain, Netherlee ,Glasgow

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